On Wednesday the Year 11 Ambassador students were invited to attend the graduation event at Cutlers Hall (however the numbers were very depleted due to the weather!)
Well done to all who received a certificate!
Additional credit to C Nightingale and L Dimmock who received the gold award (best Ambassador Students across each strand within all Sheffield Schools) for the Arts & Culture

Y11 NHS Ambassadors have recently completed their programme through delivering a presentation of skills developed across the two years of the course to the board of directors from Northern General Hospital. All students were involved and represented the school well, including delivering a rap which they had written and practised themselves! Well done to all involved.
Y9 and Y10 Engineering Ambassadors are currently working hard on the range of projects assigned to them. For Y10 this includes holding a stall at the annual Get Up To Speed event at Magna in April. This event includes a showcase of engineering skills with international representatives from a range of sectors. For Y9 this involves working with Doncasters Bramah to research, design and produce a new teaset to celebrate Sheffield’s steel history. Cultural Ambassadors are working on completing their passports to complete the bronze art award with Sheffield theatres also.