Good attendance and punctuality are vital if students are to achieve their maximum potential. Stocksbridge High School is committed to working with parents/carers and students to ensure that each student benefits from the academic, personal and social opportunities available to them during their years with us.

A high level of attendance at school is not only a legal requirement but is vital for all our students to enable a continuity of learning, thereby ensuring maximum progress for all. There is a clear link between good attendance and academic achievement, as well as enabling the development of social and emotional skills.


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Attendance Matters!

There are 190 days in a school year which leaves 175 days to spend on family time, shopping, appointments and other things. This chart shows the effect poor attendance will have on your grades,

190 Days - 100% - Best Chance of Success 100%
183 Days - 96% - A Flying Start 96%
179 Days - 94% - Less Chance of Success 94%
175 Days - 92% - Harder to Make Pogress 92%
More Than 18 Days Absence - 90% - Persistent Absentee -Grades will suffer! 90%

This Years Attendance

Autumn Term

Year 7 95.78%
Year 8 95.82%
Year 9 94.58%
Year 10 92.83%
Year 11 91.83%

Spring Term

Year 7 93.74%
Year 8 95.45%
Year 9 94.37%
Year 10 92.25%
Year 11 91.78%

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