Expectations in Lessons: 5 Non-Negotiable Aspects of Behaviour in Lessons

All students will be expected to stick to the same 5 non-negotiable in every lesson:

  1. Listen when teacher is talking
  2. Speak Politely
  3. No shouting out or across room
  4. Follow instructions (without questioning or answering back)
  5. On-task

Everyone is capable of meeting these expectations, and this will be expected of every student.

Behaviour Warning System

In all lessons, students will see the same warning system used by staff, if behaviour and approach to learning is not appropriate:

Step 1: Student to receive a verbal warning regarding behaviour in lessons (explicit use of the phrase, leaving no room for argument).

Step 2: Student to receive a second verbal warning (see above).

Step 3: Name on board (Logged as a C1)

Step 4: Tick placed by name (Second behaviour log)

Step 5: On-call

There are enough chances here for everyone to engage in lessons, but disrupting the learning of others will not be tolerated.