We are delighted that, once again, we can celebrate with students, parents and staff our students’ best ever GCSE and BTec results.  The student’s results keep getting better and better and the students deserve every success as they move on to their post 16 courses. We couldn’t be more proud of the way the year 11 students applied themselves from the start of the academic year.  This year group also had the best attendance proving that excellent school attendance, high quality teaching and hard work really does pay off.

We have seen an improvement in all key measures. We are particularly pleased that more student than before achieved strong passes (5 or above) in English, Maths and Science. 22 students managed to achieve grades 7-9 in 4 or more of their subjects, whilst a further 6 students managed to achieve the highest grades (7-9) in all their subjects. One student even went as far as to achieve a grade 9 in all of his subject; an amazing achievement!

Whilst these achievements are to be commended it is important to celebrate the diversity of learners at Stocksbridge High school. The grades students leave us with are only part of the story. The progress they make over their 5 years journey is equally as important academically and personally.  It is always a privilege to see the year 11 students prepare themselves for their final year at school growing into young adults ready to embark on the next stage of their academic career. We look forward to hearing about their on-going successes and wish them and their families the very best for the future.