At Stocksbridge High school we are delighted with the way all our Year 11 students approached their GCSE and BTEC examinations.  With the majority of GCSEs and BTECs now culminating in terminal exams, students had to prepare themselves for more exams than in previous years. On average our students sat 21 exams covering more challenging content. This is no mean feat and all our students rose to the occasion doing themselves, their parents and the school proud.

We are delighted to report that SHS has seen an improvement in all key measures. Of particular note is the improvement in the amount of progress students made from their key stage 2 results. This is particularly evident for students who joined us with high key stage 2 scores. These students made fantastic progress and we saw the best performance ever for our most able students.

With more of our students achieving passes in English and Maths we are delighted that our students can move successfully into post 16 courses and apprenticeships. We look forward to hearing about their on-going successes and wish them and their families the very best for the future.