House System

The house system at Stocksbridge is intended to provide a comprehensive level of pastoral support. The intention is that each student has a dedicated and focused member of staff as their contact throughout school. Around this, each student will be a member of a house community, giving them a specific identity within school.

Staff Expectations

All staff will work within the house system to ensure that each student is given the best possible support throughout their time at school. Staff will be in regular contact with parents, working to build a strong partnership where the sharing of information between school and home allows each student to succeed.

Student Expectations

All students at Stocksbridge will be expected to play a full and active part in school life. Students will be part of a form, as well as a house community. In each form, students will take a role as leaders in a variety of activities, both in-house and cross-house.

Parental Expectations

Parents are a key component in the house system. Parents will provide detailed information to form tutors to assist all students in reaching their potential. Parents will work with, support and assist school in giving all students the best possible opportunities.

Our Houses

There are 4 houses, as there were when the school was originally built. The modern house names represent 4 individuals from the history of the steel industry. They are not only a vital part of the history of the local area, but also embody the characteristics we aim to instil in all our students: Perseverance, creativity, commitment, ingenuity and aspiration.


Named after Samuel Fox, founder of the steelworks in Stocks-bridge which led to the development of the town. Fox also designed the revolutionary paragon umbrella frame.

Head of Fox: Mr Staunton


Named after Sir Henry Bessemer, pioneer of the steel industry through his development of the Bessemer converter. Bessemer was also integral in the development of the city of Sheffield.

Head of Bessemer: Mrs Mitchell


Named after Harry Brearley, the metallurgist who developed Stainless Steel. This was the invention that would lead Sheffield to take its place at the very forefront of the worlds industry.

Head of Brearley: Mr Tipson


Named after Benjamin Huntsman, inventor and entrepreneur who developed the crucible steel production proc-ess, leading to Sheffield producing some of the highest quality steel of the 18th Century.

Head of Huntsman: Mr Marren


Every single member of the school, staff and student, will be a member of one of the 4 houses. Students will remain in the same house throughout their 5 years at Stocksbridge. In each house there will be a representation of all 5 year groups. Students will be expected to represent their houses in the best possible way at all times.

House Rewards

Over the course of the academic year, houses will accumulate points, which will see them rewarded at various points in the year. The final reward will be to win the house cup.

All student conduct points will be directly linked to their house, with achievement points counting as a positive, and behaviour points being removed from the total. Inter-house competitions will also count for house points, as will excellent attendance and punctuality.

Throughout the year, there will be rewards for individual students within their house, as well as across year groups and school.

At key points in the year, such as the end of terms, there may be rewards trips/events. This will be directly linked to attendance and conduct of the members of that house.

House Competitions

Throughout the year there will be competitions between the houses at a variety of events. The aim is for all students to participate and represent their house at least once per term.

Events will take place across a range of categories, including sports, the arts, academic and community engagement. The intention will be for events to take place at least once per week, with larger events taking place every half term.

There will also be house competitions for smaller tasks, such as organisation and compliance with school expectations. Tied into this will be competitions based on attendance and punctuality.

Heads of House, Form Tutors and students will play an active role in the organisation of inter-house competitions. There will also be staff competitions across houses.

Key People

At Stocksbridge High school, the form tutor will be the most important person in the lives of each student who attends school. Forms will be divided vertically, with stu-dents from all year groups included. Form time will be an opportunity for communication, support and develop-ment.

The form tutor will be the main point of contact for all aspects of pastoral support during the 5 years a student is at Stocksbridge. The form tutor will be the responsible for ensuring that each student in their form is able to succeed at school. They will be the main source of support and information for both parents and teachers.

Parents should see the form tutor as their primary point of contact for issues regarding their student. Obviously, form tutors will also have a teaching responsibility, and so it is advised that parents are in contact via email with general concerns. If there are emergencies, school can and should be contacted, and this may be dealt with by another mem-ber of staff (if appropriate) or passed on to form tutors as soon as possible.

The school assessment and parental feedback calendar will be designed to allow all parents to be in regular contact with form tutors throughout the year.

Each of the four houses will have a head of house. This member of staff will have responsibilities as a teacher and form tutor, but will also take a lead on roles within the house.

The head of house will be the senior figure within the house of each student. They will take a lead role in working to ensure the highest possible levels of achievement and progress of all members of their house. Parents with concerns about the progress of their child should first contact form tutors, but may at times need to be in contact with the head of house, should there be concerns of a more longterm nature.

Heads of house will be responsible for all rewards and celebrations within their house. This will include house competitions and individual prizes and rewards. Heads of house will also be a key point of contact for issues surrounding behaviour and consequences. Heads of House may contact parents/carers to discuss behaviour concerns and sanctions.

Head of Bessemer: Mrs Mitchell

Head of Fox: Mr Staunton

Head of Brearley: Mr Tipson

Head of Huntsman: Mr Marren

Students at Stocksbridge High School are an integral part of the pastoral system. Students are not just participants in the system, but will be expected to be leaders and contributors to all aspects of their house.

Within forms, students of all year groups will be asked to play a part in form activities. Older students may take a more prominent role in the nurture and mentoring of younger students, particularly those new to school, however all students have something to offer as part of a form group. This group of students will be expected to work together and look after each other for the duration of their time at school.

Within their houses, students will have multiple opportunities to participate in events and competitions designed to build a community spirit, both within their house and the school. The intention is that all students take advantage of these opportunities, working to help build a strong, and positive school community.

No pastoral system can be fully effective without the support and engagement of parents. They are the people who spend the most time with each child, and so have the clearest insight into their lives.

It is vital that parents play a full and active role in the life of each student at Stocksbridge High school. This can be achieved in a number of ways, with just some of these being:

  • Ensuring students attend school on time, each and every day.
  • Doing their best to ensure students recognise the importance of excellent attendance.
  • Contacting school should there be any reason a student cannot attend school that day.
  • Maintaining regular contact with Form Tutor, to allow information to be shared which will allow all students to succeed.
  • Attending parental consultation events and celebrations or presentations.
  • Engaging fully with the school life of students, showing them the value of their time at school.

By working in this way, parents can play a critical role in the success of their child at school.

Key people: Assistant Headteacher for Behavior for Learning and Progress

The assistant headteacher for student achievement will be working directly with heads of house to ensure that all students achieve their potential during their time at school. This is not just academic grades, but also their approach to learning, behaviour, attendance and engagement with school life.


Key people:Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning

The assistant headteacher for student enrichment will be work-ing with all students and form tutors to build a program of leadership and enrichment opportunities for all students at Stocks-bridge. This will be seen in form activities, enrichment events and opportunities for self-development.


Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion Learning

The assistant headteacher for Safeguarding and Inclusion will be working to ensure that all students at Stocksbridge are able to feel safe, valued and able to engage in school in a positive way. No students will feel that they cannot engage in school life, nor achieve their potential due to any outside circumstances.


Student support managers will be directly responsible for the provision of intervention and support, for those students who need any extra type of help to be successful during their time at school.

Support Managers will work with small caseloads of students, providing focused support and intervention where required. In these cases, Support Managers will also be working in direct contact with families of students, to strengthen partnerships with school.

Support Managers may become involved with students and families for a variety of reasons, some of which may include:

  • Poor student attendance
  • Concerns raised by family of issues that require regular support.
  • Concerns raised by form tutors and/or heads of house.
  • Significant changes/decline in student behaviour.
  • Any other significant barrier, preventing students from accessing school life in a positive way.