School Bus

School Bus Update 07/08/2019

Please click the link below for our updated bus arrangements

High Green School Bus Update from Sep 18


777 Ecclesfield – Stocksbridge High School

Morning Service

From Ecclesfield, The Common/Morrisons via The Common, Chapeltown Road, Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown, Market Place, Lound Side, Lane End, School Road, Greengate Lane, High Green, Foster Way, Thompson Hill, Westwood New Road, A629, Stocksbridge By Pass, Wortley Road, Stocksbridge, Vaughton Road, Manchester Road, Hole House Lane, Shay House Lane to Stocksbridge High School

Ecclesfield, The Common/Washington Rd          0755
Chapeltown, Ecclesfield Rd/Park View Rd          0759
Chapeltown, Lound Side/Belmont Av                  0800
Chapeltown, Ln End/Bridge Inn Rd                     0802
High Green, Greengate Ln/School Rd                 0810
High Green, Foster Way/Cottam Rd                    0812
High Green, Thompson Hill/Hague Ln               0818
Deepcar, Wortley Rd/Station Rd                          0827
Stocksbridge, Shay House Ln/Stocksbridge High 0836

Afternoon Service

From Stocksbridge High School via Shay House Lane, Hole House Lane, Manchester Road, Vaughton Hill, Wortley Road, Stocksbridge-By-Pass, A629, Westwood New Road, Thompson Hill, Foster Way, High Green, Greengate Lane, School Road, Lane End, Lound Side, Market Place, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown Road, The Common to Ecclesfield, The Common/Morrisons

Stocksbridge, Shay House Ln/Kenworthy Rd        1507   1607
Deepcar, Wortley Rd/Station Rd                              1516 1616
High Green, Thompson Hill/Ashwood Rd              1524 1624
High Green, Foster Way/Milgrove Cres                   1525 1625
High Green, Greengate Ln/Miles Rd                         1527 1627
Chapeltown, Ln End/Bridge Inn Rd                          1532 1632
Chapeltown, Lound Side/Sussex Rd                          1535 1635
Chapeltown, Market Place/Chapeltown Stn            1538 1638
Ecclesfield, The Common/Washington Rd               1544 1644