School Bus

School Bus Update 26/09/2017

Please click the link below for our updated bus arrangements

Bus Service letter – 26.09.2017

777 Ecclesfield – Stocksbridge High School

Morning Service

From Ecclesfield, The Common/Morrisons via The Common, Chapeltown Road, Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown, Market Place, Lound Side, Lane End, School Road, Greengate Lane, High Green, Foster Way, Thompson Hill, Westwood New Road, A629, Stocksbridge By Pass, Wortley Road, Stocksbridge, Vaughton Road, Manchester Road, Hole House Lane, Shay House Lane to Stocksbridge High School

Ecclesfield, The Common/Morrisons                                      07.55

Chapeltown, Market Place/Railway Bridge                         07.59

Chapeltown, Lound Side/Westbrook Road                           08.00

Chapeltown, Lane End/Barrel Inn                                          08.02

Chapeltown, Greengate Lane/The Phoenix                         08.10

High Green, Foster Way/Cottam Road                                 08.12

High Green, Thompson Hill/Hague Lane                              08.18

Stocksbridge, Wortley Road/Station Road                           08.27

Stocksbridge High School, Shay House Lane                        08.36

Afternoon Service

From Stocksbridge High School via Shay House Lane, Hole House Lane, Manchester Road, Vaughton Hill, Wortley Road, Stocksbridge-By-Pass, A629, Westwood New Road, Thompson Hill, Foster Way, High Green, Greengate Lane, School Road, Lane End, Lound Side, Market Place, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown Road, The Common to Ecclesfield, The Common/Morrisons

Stocksbridge High School, Shay House Lane                        15.07

Stocksbridge, Wortley Road/Station Road                           15.16

High Green, Thompson Hill/Ashwood Road                         15.24

High Green, Foster Way/South Road                                     15.25

Chapeltown, Greengate Lane/The Phoenix                         15.27

Chapeltown, Lane End/Barrel Inn                                          15.32

Chapeltown, Lound Side/Sussex Road                                   15.35

Chapeltown, Market Place/Railway Bridge                         15.38

Ecclesfield, The Common/Morrisons                                      15.44

There is also a later 777 service that runs from 4:15, this follows the same route for any students staying in school for revision studies or extracurricular activities



Stocksbridge High School
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