School Meals

The catering here at Stocksbridge High School is provided on site by Waterfall Catering Group and is a contract catering company specialising in providing fresh, healthy food.

Waterfall Catering Group is a UK based leader in service provision for the education, care, welfare and blue collar B&I markets. Operating in over 700 units, their aim is to deliver not just catering, but specialist food policy, clinic care and nutritional welfare provision to each client. If your son or daughter has a particular dietary requirement do let them know and they will do their best to cater for this.

Their Vision

“To be the leading specialist provider to the education, care, welfare and B&I markets”

At Stocksbridge High School, we also believe that good nutrition and nourishment is key to optimal teaching and learning. As such, our services start from our early morning breakfast club, mid-morning break service and lunch.

The provision of free school meals (FSM) for those who qualify helps to ensure that most children have at least one balanced, nutritious meal during the school day, irrespective of parental income. The range of choices for all pupils, either paying or entitled to free school meals is the same. Each day the catering services in school provide a range of choices of hot meals, filled jacket potatoes and baguettes, fruit and even pack lunches can be provided.

Biometric Cashless System

It is recognised that the service provided needs to be quick and friendly, as pupils want to get in, eat and still have time to socialise. To this end the school uses a Biometric Cashless System, with each pupil having a personalised account.

The key features of the system are:

  • Pupils in receipt of free school meals are not identifiable, which can help to avoid a pupil being stigmatised.
  • Pupils do not need to remember to bring cash with them to the canteen and therefore nothing can be lost.
  • Detailed usage of the system per individual pupil (date and time of use) is available.
  • Parents can find out how much their children are spending and what they are eating, if desired. Parents may request the system to be programmed to prevent their child from purchasing certain items, using a particular facility or exceeding an agreed daily spending limit. Pupils with allergies can be restricted from buying items that will adversely affect them.