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Welcome Evening on Thursday 28 June 2018, the evening will now start from 5.00 pm (doors opening) for a 5.30 (prompt) start in the Hall with the Headteacher speaking to students and parents. The earlier time will allow families to leave and watch the final group England football match that evening.

5.30 pm Headteacher introduction to students and parents (School Hall)

5.45 pm to 6.15 pm, Students are allocated their house and form and meet with their respective Head of House and House Manager, Parents remain in the hall with the Headteacher
6.15 pm Parents meet back up with their children
6.30 pm Evening concluded

From Monday 25 June the 2nd (later) High Green bus will leave school promptly at approx 4.00 pm.

Any students in school from 3.00 pm should be in a supervised activity or in Oxley or Whitwell breakout. No students should be wandering around school or waiting outside for the school bus before 4pm.


The earlier (3pm) bus time remain the same.

GCSE Results Day! 23rd August 2018

Stocksbridge High School